uses cookies to gather web statistics about visitors to They do not serve to identify you personally, nor are they used in that way. A cookie is a file that is saved on your computer and with which you can be recognised should you visit our website again.


If you object to the use of cookies, you can turn off cookies via your browser (internet program) settings. Disabling cookies will not affect your use of 

Web statistics uses web statistics. By analysing these data, the website can be further tailored to the needs of visitors. The data collected are not used for any other purpose, nor are they made available to third parties.

The website uses cookies, log files and JavaScript codes on the pages of for the storage of these data. The following data are stored:

  • The address of your Internet provider;
  • Your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox);
  • The time and duration of your visit;
  • Which pages you have visited.

Piwik Pro is used to collect statistics about the use of the website. The following types of cookies are used:

Web statistic cookies

Basic data 



Is it a new visitor or has the visitor visited the site previously?


Which pages has the visitor consulted?


Which site did the visitor come from?

No tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are cookies that can track visitors while they surf on other websites. No tracking cookies are used on The website therefore does not support browser DoNotTrack settings. abides by the applicable Dutch legislation.