You may find it advantageous to team up with another party when developing an asbestos removal method and/or having it validated. The VIP will make a contact list available to this end. This makes it easier for you to find each other and take the initiative to develop existing or innovative working methods or having them validated jointly.

You can use the Contact list form to leave your contact details and information about your application and working method.

The VIP will then add your details to the contact list. This way, you can see which businesses are working on innovative working methods for the same application as you, so that you can seek each other out and join forces.

Please note that the role of the VIP is limited to making the list available – It is your own responsibility to make contact.

Application to be removed Business/organisation name  Contact details (email/tel. no.) Brief explanation and/or link to attachment (optional)
To be determined

Vincent Oosterwijk

Asbest Assist BV


Open to working together on innovation and validation