The VIP consists of an independent Chair, a Secretary and a permanent pool of independent experts on the subject of exposure and/or how exposure removal methods work.

  • Dhr. dr. H.S. (Bert) Hiemstra (Chair)
  • Dhr. drs. R.A. (Remy) Franken
  • Mw. dr. C. (Cindy) Bekker (Secretary)
  •  Dhr. dr. Ir. W. (Wouter) Fransman
  • Mw. dr. J.A.B. (Jolinde) Kettelarij (Secretary)
  • Dhr. T.D. (Tammo) van Hoorn MSHE
  • Dhr. ir. D.J.M. (Dirk Jan) Bakker
  • Dhr. dr. ir. R. (Remko) Houba
  • Mw. dr. ir. R. (Renske) Beetstra
  • Mw. ir. T. (Tamara) Onos
  • Dhr. ir. P.M.J. (Peter) Bos
  • Mw. dr. S. (Suzanne) Spaan
  • Dhr. ing. R. (René) van den Buijs
  • Mw. A.R. (Anja) van Weezel
  • Mw. drs. I. (Ina) Dijkman
  • Dhr. ir. A.W. (André) Winkes
  • Mw. ir. M.J.E.J. (Mariska) Droog

Whenever a request is to be processed, an assessment team is put together, consisting of the Chair and (in principle) four to six experts with different areas of expertise. This team is supported by the Secretary. TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and RIVM (the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) play an important role in the VIP. TNO is a permanent part of the VIP and the supplier of expertise for assessments unless TNO has previously been involved in a request that is to be assessed. TNO also ensures the correct implementation of VIP advice in the SMA-rt web application (SMA-rt). RIVM supplies the VIP with a Secretary and members for the permanent pool of experts and acts as the facilitating contractor for operational management of the VIP.